History of the foundation of the MCBDA.

Greetings Bro.’. Edson

Well, I cannot remember anymore the right date, but, in the Atalaia Newsgroup, a Masonic group at the Internet, a chat was going on about several subjects, and, one day, one Bro.’. send a message about motorcycles. We have made then, some message exchange in the Atalaia Newsgroup, when the moderator, Bro.’. Edson Fernando gave us the idea of opening a group only for motorcycling with the name “Bodes do Asfalto” (Tarmac Goats), that would be a virtual Motorcycle Club  with brethren from all over Brasil.

He gave us the idea, opened the group and in a little amount of time we already were several brethren discussing the subject and exchanging experiences about trips.

Soon, we chose a logo and opened the site, that in the beginning had the address http://www.geocities.com/bodesdoasfalto and later http://www.bodesdoasfalto.com.br

Suddenly (but not so suddenly) we had groups in several points of Brasil, gathering not only virtually, but, now live and in colors.

I just have to comment that great groups, great fraternities, begin in this way: with a great idea.

Bro.’. Edson Fernando Sobrinho had this great idea, put it in practice, and the result was really a success!

A fraternal hug from a road Bro.’.

 Vicente Soares

Guarujá / SP  



 A Little History


Tarmac Goats Motorcycle Club

Founded 01st, august, 2003 in Feira de Santana - Bahia - Brasil

National Coordination: Edson Fernando S Sobrinho

The initial idea was to the group to be “virtual”, but why virtual?

It would be and it was initially planned to support the motorcycle Masonic brethren that would travel and in the course, in case of needing help, if they should not know anybody, not even the brethren of our Order in the cities.

Within this philosophy, our “Virtual Motorcycle Club” should approach through fraternity the motorcycle brethren with the brethren of the cities in his pathway.

I imagine that in that time we had not the dimension that this tiny little gesture would become a great organization.

From 08/01/2003 to the appearing of our group in 10/24/2003, the contacts were made through the Atalaia Masonic Group, that is the forum to discuss Masonic subjects.

With the creation of an exclusive group, only for motorcycle Masonic brethren, the movement began to get power and beauty, that is reinforced with a little history I will tell you.

I joined the group in 12/21/2003, with two purposes: first, to follow the movement of motorcycle masons in Brasil, and also to virtually support the Bro.’. Édison, my thrice Bro.’., from masonry, from blood and from motorcycling, in his lonely adventure to Fortaleza, because it would be 10.000 km of roads in 20 days.

It is worth remembering that when I inscribe myself in the list, we were shy and decided 18 associates, and with the passing time, and the growth of the movement, we pass now (04/06/2006) to 364 associates.

The trip of Bro.’. Édison from Campinas-Fortaleza-Campinas was followed in this group from 12/26/2003 to 01/14/2004 with daily reports and with support of all masons of Brasil, reports that he opportunely made himself. I confess that I became marveled with the support, dedication and daily commitments received of these lonely and strong 18 associates. In this moment I saw that our group would become a very strong a fraternal and would make a difference in the para-Masonic movement.

In my understanding, this was our great first challenge of articulation in national level, always having as a commander and maestro our beloved, valuable and dreamer, Bro.’. Edson Sobrinho who gave us total support in our trip.

Picturesque Facts

First – it happened when Bro.’. Édison passed through Feira de Santana and should meet the Bro.’. Edson Sobrinho, despite all the efforts of the two they ended up without meeting in person, because the trip was totally planned and routed.

Second – it happened in 01/07/2004, when I announced to Brasil (18 brethren) that Bro.’. Édison would pass through Recife and would make a meeting in Warrior Tent of Bro.’. Túlio. From this day on, the Warrior Tent was known by the “goats” and became an official meeting point of the Bodes do Asfalto in any Brasil events.

Third – As we know that in this life nothing happens without a reason, in our recently created group in the message number 13 (10/25/2003), our Bro.’. Vicente Soares from Guarujá-SP announces for the first time a link of a brazilian motorcycle club point to us, a club that would become our “best man” in the São Paulo Motorcycling Federation – the Motorcycle Club “Motors Vivos”.

 Campinas Faction

The Campinas Faction was founded in 04/24/2004 with the participation of 9 brethren and it is considered the first faction of “Bodes do Asfalto” in Brasil, having as coordination the Bro.’. Eduardo Martins Pereira.

 Some important points

Our Motorcycle Club is not:

Extension of the Lodge

Does not follow the hierarchy of Masonry

Does not follow the seriousness of a lodge

It is not a place for discussion Lodge matters


So, what we are:

We are a communication channel between masons x motorcycle masons x motorcyclers in general

We are citizens of exemplar social behavior and good habits.

We are citizens that preserve the Masonic teachings.

We are brothers in Masonry and in Motorcycling.

We preserve.......... Freedom, Equality, Fraternity ........................ and the Motorcycle!


 Eduardo Martins Pereira

Campinas Faction/São Paulo/Brasil.

 Translated by Bro.’. Paulo Jurza, M.’.M.’., C.’.K.’.H.’., Orient of Belo Horizonte, MG, Brasil